Baby blanket

I've been making a little blanket with this fabulous black and white elephant pattern. Teddy, the latest arrival to our family, likes it very much.


First attempts at quilting

I have always wanted to try my hand at quilting but since I like to see results fairly quickly, I have decided to use my trusted Singer sewing machine for it. This baby blanket is my first attempt at it. Well, it isn't perfect but since we are expecting a little one in the next couple of weeks, I couldn't spend ages over it and I'm quite happy with the result.


Christmas cards

Having started early this year, I have had time to make my own Christmas cards again. During a period of DIY at home I felt the urgent need to produce something pretty (rather than seeing a building site) and remembering a load of wallpaper samples, turned my attention to the annual tradition of making these seasonal cards.


Potty about Patterns at Chigborough Barn

This lovely new shop full of handmade items, gifts and yummy home-made foods is opening its doors to the public today. I'm very proud to be one of the many local suppliers. The barn is a great destination (a couple of miles outside Maldon, just past Heybridge Basin) for an afternoon out with a lovely cafe attached to it and the fisheries right next door. I'll be manning the shop on a Friday so I might see you there.


Little Fish in oil

This fishy oilcloth has been upgraded to a lovely gussett-style handbag with a japanese inspired cotton lining. It has an inner pocket and magnetic clasp and I found some perfectly matching cotton handles.


Open evening

We had a very successful open evening at Swiftboats on Thursday. Lots of friends and lovely new people came to see us on the night. Here a few pictures of my gooddies.


Oilcloth bag with seagulls

I came across this lovely fabric at the weekend and have turned it into the latest item in the nautical range. The format has changed to vertical which fits perfectly for any A4 paper and files.

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